Membership Guidelines

These guidelines are to establish order, ensure the group is productive and all members conduct themselves in a professional manor. The executive team reserves the right to amend these policies as needed without prior notice.


  1. Members should be small business owners, professions, and persons in a management role within the London, Ontario area.
  2. Only one person from each professional discipline, trade or business is permitted to be part of the group.
  3. Members must represent their primary occupation, not a part-time business.
  4. Any multi-level marketing company representatives must represent their products and /or services and not recruit for the business opportunity component of their company during the meetings.
  5. Members who wish to change their classification must submit a new membership application and get approval from the Executive Team for the classification change.


  1. Membership dues at $500 per year – paid annually or semi-annually.
  2. Dues are due at the first regular meeting in January and the first regular meeting in July.
  3. Members with dues 30 days in arears will be removed from the group.
  4. New members will be charged pro-rated dues.
  5. Upon acceptance into the group, fees are non-refundable.


  1. LEN members will always deal with one another and with any referrals given in an ethical and supportive manner, providing prompt quality service.
  2. Membership can be revoked at any time for any reason with a majority vote from the executive team.
  3. Executive Team has final authority relating to conflicts.


  1. Meetings start at 7:45 am on every other Wednesday.
  2. The weekly meetings last for 75-minutes. Consisting of 15-minutes networking and 60-minute formal meeting.
  3. A member is expected to attend every meeting. When a member cannot attend, he/she should send a substitute to the meeting.
  4. Any member that has missed 3 meetings within a quarter year may have their membership revoked without rebate of any fee.
  5. Executive team can provide grace for missed meetings.
  6. Members must inform the executive team (vice-president) at least 1 week prior if unable to attend.


  1. Visitors may attend meetings up to two times before applying for membership in LEN.
  2. Referring member will receive a ¼ year discount in future dues for introducing a new member.


  1. Elections should take place every year at the first meeting of the year.
  2. The president should be the former year’s vice president.
  3. President
    • Preside over all meetings and conduct the general business of the group.
  4. Vice-President
    • Should schedule meetings & communicate with venue.
    • Should take over the duties of the president in their absence.
  5. Treasurer
    • Should collect & track all membership dues.
    • Should pay all bills, once approved by the president.
    • Treasurers report & bank accounts should be audited every year.
  6. Membership Committee
    • Should reach out to all visitors & prospective members to provide information about membership.
  7. Social & Special Events Committee
    • Should plan & organize social events throughout the year.  As a guide 1 social event per quarter is preferred.
  8. Social Media Committee
    • Should post regularly on social media networks and solicit members to actively participate on these networks.
  9. Website Committee
    • Should maintain the website and membership list on the website.